Our CTO - Dorin Puscasu was the leading developer for this project. He was responsible for the planning and coordination of the whole development process.
The idea was to teach coding by using the gamification of the learning approach. The platform needed to have several types of users: students, teachers, institutions.
Well-developed role management routing granted the following functionalities:
Students can learn within the platform by completing certain courses.
Teachers can create their own academy, load courses and teach there.
Private & Public Institutions can teach their staff or other people online.
An important feature is the assessment test. Users who study within the platform take tests. Based on their results, the system propose extra studying materials for betterment of their knowledge. Also, such features as games between users were developed. For instance, Battleship game concept was used for learning. At each opened cell from the map, users get questions. For every correct answer, they win stars which can be used for buying extra-courses.

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April 10, 2019

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